Can PS2 controller be used? If so, how?
The subject line pretty much asks it all.  I am new to the whole emulation process, and PCSX2 works fine.

My only question is if I can use a PS2 controller to play games, and if so, how do I do it?  

It would be much preferable to using the keyboard.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi! It definitely can be used. I currently have two I can hook into my computer. However, you will need either a converter or some special PS2 controller with a USB output. They should only cost around $10 for a double. Then you will need to configure it at least once before playing. It can be a hassle and a little unintuitive, but just look for the attached device once you have it plugged in and configure each control. If you need more help, lmk.
Hey Ginland, why not just get a PS3 controller? (I believe it has a USB on the end so you might be able to just plug it to a computer)
Not sure if that’ll work, just a guess
I don't think a PS2 controller will work. I guess it depends on what operation system your running, I can only vouch for microsoft, like he said above you'd have to have a converter. I will say I am using my xbox one controller and can switch freely between my xbox and computer, its easier using the cable even though its wireless (faster connection). If you have one make sure it is the RIGHT xbox one controller the newer generation, look up an image for reference.
P.S. i know its almost a crime playing ps2 games with a xbox controller, but it is what it is. I got it for titanfall which ended up busting yes needed to be said.

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