Can You Help me ?
hi Guys ! i'm a new member here .. i have a Problem Playing Tekken 5 on my Pcsx2 9.8-r4600 .. the graphics seems fine .. but when i play it and comes on fighting .. slow motion takes place .. i think i can only play it with 20-40fps or something Sad .. i've tried a lots of changes in the configuration but nothing has changed in the FPS thing Angry .. how can i make it faster just like i'm playing in a real PlayStation 2 ? .. i Need Help Badly ..

Hope everyone can help me with this ..

Oh By The way .. this is my PC specs .. with only a Built-In-VideoCard..
(ScreenShots Available).

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Bump !
Try checking native mode in gsdx, and use some speed hacks,
overall the cpu is kinda slow (maybe try to oc to 3.2ghz) and the video card is horrible so using any-kind of upscaling is out of the question, not much else you can really do
As a side note: waiting 45 mn before bumping a thread is a bit childish. This is a forum, not a chat.
Be patient next time...
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the rules stated somewhere that bumps are only allowed after 24 hours.

if you want instant help, call some indian tech support service and suffer from the poor help.
Where??? I could find it. Tongue

Why do you think an Indian Tech support Service to be poor.
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(03-04-2012, 10:27 AM)recoder Wrote: Why do you think an Indian Tech support Service to be poor.

Its not fun having to explain your problem 25 different ways till they actually get the idea.

thats not to say all of them are bad...... just the ones who hire personnel who barely passed their english examinations.

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