Can any of you run NFS:MW full speed ?
I can only run about little more than half speed like around 40 fps. My rig is i5-2500K OC'ed to 4.5GHz with 4GB ram my gpu is a gtx 550ti running windows 7 x64. I'm not sure which version PCXS2 I was running I think it was either 0.9.8 or 1.0.0 I don't remember and I can't check. The desktop is not running at the moment. I was running the game with no hacks with default settings.

Can someone tell if my gpu is not strong enough or my cpu or is it just one of the those games that needs a pc from the future in a few years from now.

If you can run the game at full speed what cpu and gpu are you using. I think I'm fine in the cpu department but maybe I need to upgrade my gpu maybe. But I don't want to buy gpu if it ain't going to make a diff. The kinda diff where the game might run at full speed.


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NFS has always been a problem game for many. To determine whether cpu or gpu is the problem, try running the game at native resolution. Note here the EE and GS% and fps you get during the slowdown.

And yes, it 'possibly' is your gpu, as I was a former GTX 550 TI owner myself. Even my 7850, as awesome as it is, can't handle certain intensive scenes in some of my Armored Core games, especially those missions involving red tunnels or wavy radiating heat. Emulating NFS is no easy task.
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This game is really hard to run full speed. I know some people with OC'd i7 cpu's who have trouble. Rather play it on your PS2 or maybe pc if you have it ^^
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