Can anybody help me fixing patch for word rally championship 4 PAL?
Hi all, it would be great if somebody can help me fixing patch for
world rally championship 4 PAL(SCES 52389).
This game works in older version of pcsx2 play ground, but
it refuses to work on new r1888 version of pcsx2.
No matter what settings i use, and with and without patch file, when i
run it with r1888 version of pcsx2 it gives following error:

<EE> tlb Miss, addr=0x22000000 [load]
<EE> PC: 0x004006b8 Cycle: 0x2bb5bddc

I think the original patch made by Nachbrenner does not work with
r1888 since address change of new version.

Following is the orignal patch made by Nachbrenner, and can anybody
help me fixing the patch file in order to excute wrc4 on pcsx2?
Thank you.

gametitle= World Rally Championship 4 [SCES 52389] (E)
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
//fix caching issue
//skip STR videos (for blockdump)
//Skip sceIpuSync
//Disable video rendering (for speedy menus)
//fix delay slot violations (obsolete)

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is there anybody managed to execute it without problems?
Try changing "word" for "extended" but I doubt that'll work really, I suggest you try contacting Nachbrenner being the original patch maker.
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thank u Shadow Lady, i tried your suggestion but it didn`t work. I`ll contact Nachbrenner.
But thank you.

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