Can anyone confirm if these games work?
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could confirm if they have got the following games running, I have checked the compatibility list but I have no idea when it was last updated so if that information is still correct.

These are the PAL versions btw

Max Payne
Prisoner of War


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Right side of the compatibility list it says what version they were last tested with, you can also make a search in the forums and see if they have been reported before. Best way to find out is trying them yourself if you have them already with the 0.9.6 stable or the latest beta.
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thanks for the info, can't believe I missed the bit about what version it was tested on.

I'll give my games a go later, if I find a game that works fully or is missing from the list do I just make a thread asking for it to be added/edited?
The only wat to add to the list is if the devs try the game(if they have them) post in the following thread if you find games that are playable.
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Like GamerGeek says, that way people later can find them too searching in the forums Tongue2

There's also a wiki if you want to add some:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
MGS3, yes, donno the others

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