Can anyone explain what "vtlb miss" means?
Hi, I`ve just tested tekken5 PAL, WRC4 PAL on 0.9.6.
Tekken 5 works just fine but WRC4 crashes.
WRC4 worked just fine until playground but with 0.9.6,
it just crashed. It looks like 0.9.6 does not load the
patch properly.
In the console, it says "vtlb miss: blah blah" and crashes.
I`ve ticked patch option of course and tested WRC4 with patch
and also without patch.
Can anyone explain what "vtlb miss" is?
Anyway to fix this problem?

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disable the speed hacks and see if it works. In the advanced options keep everything at default.
Vtlb miss means the emu just died. It's the standard warning message for "we will crash now, be prepared" Tongue2

For your WRCFDSW4 problem (yeah, how should we know what game you're talking about Tongue2 ), no clue, play it on playground then?
Can someone please expand WRC3 into a series of words that have a distinct meaning? Thanks. Smile
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Haha sorry, WRC4 means World Rally Championship 4.
I tried with default speed settings but still give me the same error.
Ah, well, I`ll have to stick to playgound for it. No choice.
It seems to be directly related to the reading of the cd/dvd try dumping the game to an ISO then use the "Linuzappz Iso CDVD 0.7.0" plugin I know it fixed my problem.
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