Can anyone help me configure Persona 4?
I ran it at native res with the default plug ins perfectly.

But I am a bit confused, I'd like to run it at 1024 x 768 with a small bit of AA, maybe 2x?

Think it's possible for me?

If so suggest any configs?

My specs are P8700 Intel C2D 2.5ghz, GT 240M 1GB, 4GB DDR3 1033MHZ

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not gunna happen

the AA hack needs so much video memory and bandwidth that the GT240 just doesn't have.
Instead download the latest PCSX2 SVN and press the PageUp key to use FXAA. It much faster and better and more efficient. Smile Also, if you want to run at 1024 x 768 then set the Custom Resolution to 1024 x 768 and run the game and to go fullscreen press Alt+Enter.

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