Can anyone please help me convert these to raw codes?
Hi, can anyone help me convert these Super Robot Taisen Alpha 3 codes to pcsx2 pnach cheats?

These are for the mech and pilot modifier and other codes, been trying to convert these but I can't figure out how to allocate the codes for the mech modifier part, if someone can at least figure out the mech modifier line.I would really appreciate it. They're codebreaker codes by the way.

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Erm you sure they're codebreaker?Tongue They look half of raw and other half as swap magic type to me. Also which exactly is the code for mech modifier? My japanese almost not existing doesn't really help;o, I guess you ment one of the two codes:
50xxxxxx 000002D8
00yyyyyy 00000000
which was somewhere above the list of mecha then it's easy ~ already in raw, Y is the mech you want to replace with mech X. I assume japanese have some strange ways of saying we're dealing with hex;p, normally we use 0x before the number, they seem to use h after the number(just my guess;]), so the actual code would be
Replace mech
50xxxxxx 000002D8
00yyyyyy 00000000
Replaces mech Y with mech X
where addresses xxxxxx/yyyyyy is calculated on:
0x3bc814+0x2dc*mech number
soo for example  we have a mech number 5 and want to replace it with mech number 10 we would get
yyyyyy = 0x3bc814+0x2dc*5 = 0x3BD660
xxxxxx = 0x3bc814+0x2dc*5 = 0x3BF5D4
so with this example code would look like:
503BF5D4 000002D8
003BD660 00000000
soo in pcsx2
but frankly code type 5 ~will probably not work under pcsx2(never really had an use for it to check throughTongue) meaning the code can be useless and you would have to copy some memory manually using a program like cheat engine or write some script or program to do it for you. Basically keeping the example you would have to copy 0x2d8 bytes from 0x203BF5D4 to 0x203BD660.;p The replaced mech would pretty much disapper from the game as I can guess so this code sucks anyway.;o

Maybe you ment this one:
2039AEA8 xxxxyyyy xxxx=HP yyyy=移動力(増やしたい数値の4倍)
2039AEAC xxxxyyyy xxxx=装甲 yyyy=EN
2039AEB0 wwxxyyzz ww=射程 xx=クリ率 yy=命中 zz=運動性
2039AEB4 wwxxyyzz ww=移動タイプ xx=EN回復(%) yy=HP回復(%) zz=01で分身
2039AEB8 wwxxyyzz ww=特殊能力 xx=出撃時気力+ yy=バリアの種類 zz=地形適応 08で全てS
0039AEBE 000000xx xx=コスト-
Then it's even easier, also already in raw, just need to be filled with some data you type in manually there in hex for example if xxxx is hp then if you want like 9999 hp launch windows calc in programmer mode or whatever calc that can convert decimal to hex and get your 9999 in hex which is 0x270F so there you go, xxxx value for you;p. Frankly I don't understand half of the other japanese in there even with an automatic translation(or maybe especially with?Tongue) so just fill it with whatever you need remembering you have to put the value in hex and add formatting, it only writes some values, so it should work just fine in pcsx2. Oh and if that's not clear if the value takes 2 places you can use value from 0 to 255 only;p, if it has 4 places, it's from 0 to 65535. Setting everything on max would just look like that:
But it could as well look bad in game especially if normally such values aren't possible(it could even glitch some graphic on the stats in game;p) so better set those values to some nicer numbers ie:
which would set HP and EN to 9999 and the rest of stats to 99 each. Don't have the game to say it's alot or too little through;p.

Oh and one quite IMPORTANT thing;p, if you make your pnach file with kana, kanji or any other non latin special signs, make sure you save it properly as unicode, otherwise pcsx2 can have some problems reading the file.
Whoops, a bit of error in my end, it looks like they're not codebreaker, I stumbled a different forum also linking with the codes it appears they're Xploder codes, I tried converting the mech modifier codes but they're not
turning into raw and stays the same. And I did'nt notice that the x and y values has five digits instead of four Tongue, and bear with me if this might confuse you, as I kinda suck in explaining stuff in english. What I want to produce is to how to add the mech address 024: Super Gundam to the one of the two lines on either the x and y lines since the address value is
a three digit value while the two lines have 5 empty digits, are there any two digit value that might complete the line, that's what kinda makes it hard to convert.

50xxxxxx 000002D8
00yyyyyy 00000000
機体アドレスは3bc814h+2dch*機体番号 - I don't get this part at all, wonder what this represents?


I've seen all the pnach files available on this site regarding this game, but
these modifier codes are not included at all. Anyway, I'll just integrate this information to what I've accumulated so far so thank you for this code insight. I'll try if I can pull this off.
It's not 3 digit value since you have whole equation there;p like I said it's 0x3bc814+0x2dc*mech number - where mech number would be those 3 digits. Also you have to calculate it in hexes(windows calc in programmer mode is just fine for that;p) and you have to do that with both the mech you want and the one you'll replace with the one you want.

This cheat uses code type which now I checked actually seems to be detected, but in the end doesn't work at all in pcsx2. So like I said you'll have to copy stuff manually with Cheat Engine or similar program or create some kind of script to do that for you each time you want to replace some robots in this game. It'll not work as pnach even if you do everything correctly untill pcsx2 will support more code types properly(which might never happen as nobody's working on it or so I think;p).
You got your answer for these codes already from miseru's post. xxxx and yyyy are not valid code digits and must be replaced by the actual desired values.

Besides, when creating the pnach avoid non ASCII characters even in comments because they may cause parse failure and the whole pnach file being ignored (0 cheats found despite the file could have many valid codes).

Alternatively is possible to save the pnach as unicode but avoiding using non ASCII characters at all is strongly advised. Non ASCII characters do include accented vowels and special characters in general.
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