Can dithering on PS be enabled/disabled on the fly?
I was playing Mizzurna and this happened.

[Image: LrFoMnx.gif]

I'm using PS3 ps1_emu (not netemu) so i'm not sure if thats an emulation glitch of this can actually happen in the real hardware.

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Would be interesting to know if you can toggle it off/on on real hardware as an option.

So far, that I know of, one of the Twisted Metal games for the PS1 has an option to toggle it on and off. When I tried it, I didn't see it go off though.

Also, there are certain games that do not use dithering like Fist of the North Star for PS1 (Hokuto no Ken).
Where as other games like Resident Evil 1,2,3 might use an adaptive method of sorts that only uses it on 3d models like characters, but toggles off/on depending on camera location.

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