Can i benefit From Nvidia DSR?
I have 1080p screen forced 4k thanks to DSR, and i am playing p2s games on 3584x2016 resolution.
Does it make a change?

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If you have it enabled on your desktop rather than on a per-game basis, then pretty much everything is gonna get internally upscaled by default. Up to you if you see a change or think it's worth it. I'd say it's redundant to use this with an emulator since you can already force PCSX2 to output at a higher resolution than your own monitor's resolution anyway, which is essentially the same thing as DSR (pretty much just internal upscaling which gets downsampled to your monitor output res which can make things look much sharper.)
The latest beta have an option to use up to 12x scaling...that's 7680x5376 on a 640x448 game but the question is,will you actually see an improvement while using such a high scaling compared to a lower one

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