Can i play PS2 discs on my Mac?
I just got my pcsx2 running on my mac... i think, the old x11 is what it uses to open, not the new xquartz; either way i see the console and it let me set my wireless controller.

I was eager to test it out so i popped in my store bought God of War 2 into my disc player and i can see it on my desktop and shows me the files but i can't get pcsx2 to see it, i can't get it to see anything actually, the program only looks for fies within itself...

was just wondering if anyone else has had this same problem

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You need to create an iso, it doesn't play directly from dvd.

Also, GoW isn't well playable on pcsx2, I couldn't get it running even on win version
wow thanx... i've been getting bios files trying different games discs

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