Can i play using my laptop?
Hi, i was wondering if i could play games on the emulator at somewhat good speeds with my comp:


AMD Turion™ X2 Ultra ZM-82 Dual-Core Mobile Processor
2.20 GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, Up to 3600 MT/s system bus running at AC/DC mode 35 watt

4gb ram

ATi mobility radeon HD 4650

P.S: I have tried a few games but i did not get any disireable speeds

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The processor is too slow. It might be enough for a few games but won't be for most. The best you can do is use the latest beta and turn on some speed hacks
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oh can you tell me certain hacks to use?
No, it depends on the game. In certain games, some hacks have no effect, others give huge speed increases and others break them / crash them. You can only experiment with them on a per-game basis with trial and error
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