Can i run FFX12 on my System?
Hello there!

I'm a big Fan of Final Fantasy and finally i found an Emulator that can run it...

My System Specs are:
- Windows Vista Business 64-bit
- Intel Core2Duo e4400 (running @ 3,0Ghz)
- 4GB DDR2-1033 RAM
- GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
- 2x 500GB SATA2 HDD

Can i run FFX12 at normal Speed? If yes, where can i get the optimal Plugins/Configurations???

Thx and greetz,

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Yes, you can.


read the config guide and search through the forums. There are DOZEN threads with information.
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Ok thx! SmileThen i'll search for the optimal configurations Smile
Basically using the main setup guide and leaving pretty much everything on default should work really well for you.
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Ok thx! Smile

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