Can my pc run FFX/best settings?
I've been trying to run FFX for a couple hours now, trying every setting I could find, and just can not seem to get it to run on cutscenes above 30 fps.

During the menu's and while pausing the game my fps jumps to 160 fps with no frame limiter. File is in PAL format if it matters.


Graphics: AMD radeon 5450 HD
Processor: Intel Pentium dual core 2.80 GHZ
2 Gigs ram
Windows ultimate 64 bit

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That's a pretty weak system, but you might get away with running FFX.

Have you tried setting EE cycle rate and VU cycle stealing hacks both to max? Normally maxing them both out breaks stuff, but supposedly FFX can take it.
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*i'm not sure w/ the PDC at 2.8Ghz some cutscene in FFX w/ some varied effects will indeed slow you down.
*hit the "TAB" button. if your fps jumps at 160fps
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Maxing both out seemed to have very little effect, but I am not sure if it is just the beginning scene that is giving me problems or if it will keep going, but i dont have the patience to watch these cutscenes at 30 fps Tongue.

The fps jumping too high isn't an issue with the limiter on, so that's not an issue.

Edit: 40 constant fps with MTVU and MVU hacks enabled. Still slow so if there is a way to boost it just a bit more I would appreciate it Laugh
Probably not if that what you get with MTVU enabled, your probably just asking to much from the aging system If the game dont run 50fps pal or 60 NTSC The games will run slow The frame limiter does lot more then just cap fps it is sync video and sound So what FPS you get with limiter off is kinda irrelevant

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