Can overclocking the PS2 CPU solve the issues in Harvest Moon?
I used to own and play Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life on Gamecube. It was years afterwards that I found out they released a special edition with new content on the PS2. However the game on top of featuring some downgrades in the graphics department was known for some pretty drastic slowdown.

No like serious slowdown sometimes running less than half the speed of the gamecube version

I'm assuming this is because the system wasn't fast enough to keep up with everything it was doing. Has anyone tried to run this with the system overclock feature in PCSX2? I'm wondering if it fixes the issue. I don't want to spend $30+ on it and run it in PCSX2 only to get a sub-optimal experience when I already own the GC version.

Anyone tested this?

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The overclock can improve the framerate, but I don't expect it'll completely resolve massive slowdowns. But I'd love to proven wrong. Tongue2

From what I read, the extra's of the PS2 version aren't all that special either.
Which version of PSCX2 are you running? I have a Intel Celeron processor and it runs fast enough on my PC.
It helps a good bit. Just running around the village in the beginning, there only seem to be very few areas where it slows down, but there are some. It's just really poorly ported (and from what I remember, the Gamecube version didn't run so hot, either, albeit not as bad as the PS2 version).

It's a good improvement, either way. Although personally I'd recommend to just play Back to Nature or Magical Melody, instead, but YMMV Wink

Edit: Only now seen this thread is a couple months old. Oh well, I'll leave it here in case anyone else is wondering.

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