Can someone convert a psv game save to .ps2 so i can just load it up and play?
The converter to do it is no longer available to download (site says page not found)
so can anyone do it for me please?

here is the ones i want
I want the first one in the top section. and the last one in the same section labeled as "PLAYSTATION 2 PS3 VIRTUAL MEMORY CARD SAVE (ZIP) (NORTH AMERICA)"

Can someone post it as a reply please for me to download?

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Not tested.

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From where are you downloading the converter
The link works fine but the PSVExplorer will not be enough,you will also need to use another program to make a mymc supported file out of the PSV extracted files...or you can use the pcsx2 Folder Memory Card feature

I may be wrong but I think only people that don't know about the memory card folder are still using the .PS2 format(I think there are just a few not supported games(games that use weird names for the save folder or\and the files)
The folder memory card is MUCH easier to use and you don't need tons of programs to use gamefaq PSV saves

@morgoth32 your save don't have the right folder name,the game will not detect the save

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