Can someone help?
i have been using pcsx2 0.9.6 and i want to try the new beta pcsx2.. my FF10-2 and FF7-DOC... when i play it there's a lot of lines in movies...
when i use software, movies is fine... but the graphics is bad...

can anyone teach how to configure/run a beta pcsx2??

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dunno about FF DOC, but I know this is a known bug in FFX-2. using software mode is the only proper way to avoid scanlines so far.
you can cycle through interlace modes (F5 key), too.
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Both games are very buggy with FMVs, for Dirge of Cerberus I think running with the "native" option checked is enough but for FFX-2 you may need software renderer as you noticed (F9 in game can switch to it and back usually so try using it for FMVs and switch back after).
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