Can someone help?
Okay, to start off, I'm not exactly a computer guru, I only know the basics.

So my HDD is split into two, /C and /D. I'm also using "Deep Freeze" to freeze my /C drive. My problem is that even though I installed the emulator onto my /D drive (Which I didn't freeze) the save files goes to "Documents", which you all know is located on the /C drive. So everytime I restart my laptop, the save files are gone.

So I was wondering if it was possible to redirect the save files to go to my /D drive rather than the 'Documents" folder.

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Go to config, then Memory Card. Click browse and make it somewhere on the D drive.
you could move the default my docs location, too.
or simply create a blank portable.ini file in your pcsx2 folder.
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If you're afraid of viruses, use a Guest account. Deep Freeze is meant for public computers, not personal computers.
Suddenly I got curious about what that "deep freeze" could be, but the intuition tells me I don't want to know.
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