Can someone help me with GiGaHeRz's DEV9 Plugin?
Hello. I'm trying really hard to access the online-only content of a few select PS2 games using this emulator and understand that GiGaHeRz's DEV9 Plugin is required. I found it online, found an iso of the Network Adapter Start-Up Disc, downloaded npcap (modern version of winpcap), and am ready to get rolling. However, I can't seem to get the plugin to work. Whenever I change the DEV9 plugin to the one I want and click OK, it says it's applying the change and then the whole program closes inexplicably. When I open it back up, the plugin I wanted is not selected. I'm not really sure what's wrong here. My only thought is that I could have the wrong version of the plugin downloaded. Every link for the plugin that I've found on various forums redirects me to the PCSX2 site for some reason and the only link that doesn't is one that takes me to version 0.3.0, which I'm pretty sure is outdated. There's generally not a lot of info out there relating to my issue (that I've found) and I was hoping for some help. My final note is that I'm aware of the guide on this very forum detailing how to play online with the emulator, but that has a lot of info about inserting discs which I don't think pertains to my situation (no disc drive on my PC). If I'm wrong, please tell me. If you can't already tell, I'm very new to all of this and am not very knowledgeable/experienced. Thank you.

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