Can someone help me with the FFX??
Well, i just dl pcsx2 1.0.0359 and gave it a try on one of my favourite ps2 game-FFX. What i get is the game cant run as smooth as i thought of..the fps can sometimes reach 60+ but will suddenly drop until 20-30+..i'm not quite familiar with this software but i have try with the different settings still i cant get any better results than this..

this is the spec of my pc:
-AMD Phenom x4 9650 2.3ghz
-ATI Radeon HD4830
-4GB Ram
-Vista ultimate x64

My question is:
Is it my pc not powerful enough to make the game speed run normally(constantly)?


perhaps changing the settings will do?if so please give me some guides for the configurations..really do appreciate itLaugh

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While your processor isn't BAD per say, it's just that since it's a quad-core it can't be fully taken advantage of.

Going with a fast 2 Core Intel is probably your best bet here - everything else you got is enough, it's really just your CPU that needs upgrading. I would suggest an Intel E0 E8400, which allows for overclocking to 4.0 Ghz relatively easily in a lot of cases. It's also just under 200$ at most places when I last checked.

However, give the graphics plugin GSdx a try, and see if you can't scratch up a bit more performance with your AMD. I got a 2.6 Dualcore running here and it can run at mostly full speed through GSDx.

Mess around with it, give the 0.9.5 version a try, get the latest GSDx 1.13 plugin and see what you can't do.

If nothing else, save up and see if you can't get that better processor.

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