Can someone please assist with these code conversions
I've been trying to convert these codebreaker codes from, for Def Jam : fight for NY, but it seems to have problems with codes not working.
I've read all the code related posts on the forum, but nothing works.
Therefore can someone please correctly convert these codes into the
correct working format for pcsx2 and put them in a pnach file with the
heading details,etc. The game CRC details is :-
SLUS_210.04;1 CRC = 4538436F

1E Enable Code (Must Be On)B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
2592B05C 223E1287
11D024EC 5EE924A3
A643F278 ADB28753

1 Infinite Health P1
DE4AFA56 180A7A5D
20E3C6A5 F1935F91
8E2DE3AB D3D0019A

53 Max Points 1F30EA1C CDADDF1B
54 Buying Fighters Doesnt Decrease Points CAE114E3 3D5D0FBC
55 Buying Fighters Increases Points 284E7E06 63B94106
56 Buying Venues Doesnt Decrease Points 38233820 77ABB92F
57 Buying Venues Increases Points 0B5AB315 A151CEB0
58 Unlock All Venues
38344F7F 988C1795
4A3B7B17 20B6E303
1EDD462E C6F43022
59 Unlock All Fighters
39ADFF71 4804FFF5
25EBBC06 1F0E4950

Profile 1 Codes
66 Infinite Money 154EE58D 80AFC5A2
67 Max Money 736ED88B 5A1F0D2E
68 Infinite Dev Points E56A7FEA 87EE00FF
69 Max Dev Points 4C0F624E C66BD845

Thanks all, very much

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Another thread on this? Sorry but if they don't work you'll have to either buy the codebreaker or whatever to apply the codes or play without cheats.

Please stop making more of the same thread, almost all your threads are about the same thing.
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