Can't Activate Analog Sticks
To explain the problem I am having I'd say that I can no longer bind the analog control to the analog button on my PS2 controller.

It was working just fine yesterday, I bound it with no issue. After restarting my computer all of my control settings were reset so I proceeded to set my bindings once again. When I got to binding the analog control it would not respond to me pressing the corresponding button on my controller. I can bind analog to other buttons/key, but I am still unable to use my analog sticks in game.

The analog button on my controller is working fine, as when it is on it will allow me to bind things to different directions. Even if I decide to bind the analog control to spacebar or some other key, it does not work.

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I downloaded this thing called pokopom and my controller magically worked
Doesn't seem to be working for me
I'd recommend MotioninJoy.

There's a PCSX2 specific controller mode that should allow you to bind and use the sticks as if you were playing it on a console.

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