Can't Load Save States
I keep getting the error Savestate data is corrupted or incomplete. Filename Tag mgts. I have tried loading an actual save first then loading a save state and that did not work. I tried loading it using f2 then f3 and that did not work either. I also tried disabling all the speed hacks to no avail. Lastly, I tried installing it again in another folder but even when i made new save states I could not load them. I am using beta.r1888 with an AMD Phenom II X4 965 and an ATI 5770. The thing is that it was working fine before this. How can I fix this?

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Perhaps, you just change with other plugin. Try with default plugins you was using before then load your savestate.
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I didn't even change much and this all happened to me. I just changed the resolution and D3d internal res but when i change them back it still doesn't work. I get a different error when I load it using the keyboard saying that PCSX2 encountered a error while trying to load the savestate and had to be aborted.
Save states are not completely stable, there's probably nothing else you can do. Just continue again from your memcard save.

It's recommended to have different save states and/or backups of your memcards so you don't lose your progress like this.
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The weird thing is if I make a new save state and try to load it, it doesn't work either...
Compatibility problem is my guess and as Shadow Lady had said earlier they are unstable in some games they work in others they don't It's as simple as thatSmile
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