Can't Save
Hi, I need some help with the in-game saving on Persona 4.

I played for about 12 hours, but unfortunately I had some problems with windows and had to reinstall it, so I had to format drive C.

Anyway, I was smart enough to save the save states BUT not enough to save/backup the saves from memory card too.

Now I installed again the emulator, all good, moved the save states files back to their location, started the game, loaded a savestate, and when I try to save to memorycard it just blocks, I can still hear the background music but I can't do anything, can't "cancel"/ exit the save menu and go back into the game, all I can do is stop the game and start it again.

Can I do something to use the save? Or the only thing I can do now is ti play using only the save states ?

PS: Also, on the next version, I would appreciate if you guys can do something to show what slots are used / on which you saved the last time, etc...more info, maybe you can also make a screenshot and use it as a preview(just a suggestion). Because I often forget on which slot I saved the last time and have to try all

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What game is it? I know Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter, for example, won't let you save after a savestate (it sees it as a cheat and blocks it). I wouldn't be surprised if other games have anti-cheat mechanisms in them (I believe Star Ocean does as well, at least for it's battle trophies).

Actually, I just had an idea... have you remade memory cards yet? That is, format them before trying to save them? Unload any ISO and do a full boot to get into the bios memory, from there go to memory cards and format them. Then load the game again, load save states, then try saving.
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The game is Persona 4, as I said in the first post.

Before I reinstall the windows, everything worked ok, I could save with the in-game save system, and make a save state, and then I could load from where I wanted and could play / save / everything ...was normal.

Now as I said, I didn't backup my memcard files (the in game saves) but only the emulator's save states files.

I don't know about how to format :/

So I just start the game using the System > Reboot CDVD (full) ?
Because I tried and still doesn't still blocking the game

EDIT: IT WORKS , i used this video

and now I can save.
Thank you for your help <3
Perform a full boot with no disc inserted.
This way, you'll be able to get to the memcards menu and format the ones provided by default.
You just format them like you would do on your ps2, actually
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I edited the post above, thank you Laugh

Problem solved
+rep to both

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