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Can't change GS settings.
GSdx's configuration code must be failing. I have no idea why though :/

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I've been puzzling around quite a bit.
It appeared that saving states didn't work too, because it couldn't write to my C:\users\etc folder where "sstates" is located even though I have full permission to the folder and it's not "read-only".

I've changed the "sstates" folder to C:\sstates and now saving does work. I've did the same with the plugins folder thinking it might have something to do with it, but that didn't do a thing.

It wouldn't make any sense if it was related to not being able to write to the inis folders because of permissions anyway, because anything I change about the sounds, gamepad, dvd plugins immediately initiate and also stay that way. Pcsx2 makes .ini files for all the plugins except for any GS plugin I choose.
I can't help you because I have exactly the same problem :/
My favorite Internet streamer suffered the same problem too and couldn't solve it.

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