Can't change frame limit

I have searched this forum and google to find an answer to my question, with no luck.

I'm a PAL user (French) and want to change the PAL frame limit from 50 to 60 FPS.

I followed the official guide here, which says this :

Quote:PAL Framerate: Sets the speed PAL games will run at. Default (and normal) speed for these games is 50 FPS, but you can set this lower or higher to combine it with the above options. Hint: Setting this to lower values than normal can speed up a few games but doing so can break some games. Can only be changed via editing the pcsx2_vm.ini and changing the value after FrameratePAL=

I tried to set FrameratePAL=60.00, or 59.94, but it's the same : pcsx2 changes the ini back to default 50 FPS when I start the program, and the game runs at 50 FPS. I don't understand why.

Also, I can't change "base frame adjust" higher than 100% into pcsx2, it's grey.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thanks a lot

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You may have the preset box ticked off in the lower left corner of the Emulation Settings page, turn it off to get access to the frame adjust percentage.
Thank you very much. It was exactly the problem. Now I can change the PAL frame limit. Biggrin

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