Can't change window size.
For some reason in the GS window settings no matter what I put the custom window size at the window remains at 640x480. Is anyone else having this problem or know why I may be having it?

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You mean in Emulation Settings->GS window? Works fine here, make sure your changes are being saved
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yeah, they were, for some reason I started the game and resized the window manually then went back (the gs window size updated) and then manually edited it there and it began to work after that.
Actually, no it didn't. When I edit the values directly in the settings screen they stay there until I start the game and then they revert to the previous values. I messed with it a little more and actually did get the settings in the GS window tab to take effect by saving them and restarting PCSX2 entirely. I think it has something to do with me launching the bios and various games before editing that, it was deciding to keep the values of the previous window despite me changing them.

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