Can't complete stick rotation QTE
Hi there,

I'm having some trouble with a left stick rotation QTE in Blood+ One Night Kiss. The QTE is at 6:50 in the video below.

I simply cannot do it and it feels like the rotation of the left stick isn't being correctly picked up by the emulator. I have tried Lilypad and Pokopom. I've seen some suggestions on here and have fiddled with the deadzone and sensitivity which produced some better results but I still can't get passed it. When I rotate the stick I am completing a smooth circular rotation and the stick is rubbing against the rim of the hole in the pad perfectly. No matter how fast or slowly I do it, the input doesn't seem to come through correctly. 

Does anyone know why or any good settings the can share to get this working right?

Any help would be really appreciated!



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Sorry, ignore this. Turns out if you just hold the stick diagonally down and to the left it auto completes...

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