Can't configure SSE41
Hi i've just started to try and use PCSX2 today. So please bare with me if i'm doing something stupid!

I'm slightly stuck with something in the configuring section. I have read all the way through the very usefull guide trying to set it up as i go along. However when i'm trying to configure GSdx if i select "GSdx 3693 (MSVC 15.00, SSE41) 0.1.16" the "configure" button grays out and i can't click it. The same happens if i try and use "SSSPSX PAD" in the PAD drop down.

From my understanding of the guide these are the best things to use and unsure why i cant configure them.

I am using version of PCSX2 with a European BIOS v02.00.

I have a oc'd i7 930 chip and a 5870 gfx card, so the hardware shouldnt be an issue.

Any help is appreciated and if you need more info or screenshots please say.


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Scratch that i'm mega stupid!

Didn't realise you have to select your option then hit apply before you can configure!
you need to press "apply" everytime you change a plug-in before you config per plug-in category
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