Can't configure gsnull on linux ubuntu 9.10
Whenever I select configure on the gsnull plugin using precompiled 1736, I get the config menu for dev9. When trying to run without configuring it to my likings( can't access) the program opens but upon execute it instantly closes.

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The GSnull plugin isn't really intended to be used other then by developers, as it is a null plugin, and when working properly, will not show any graphics. You will either want to use ZeroGL or ZZOgl, preferably the latter, as it usually works better.
Those do not show as options when I used the precompiled pack 1736
I also do not have an iso cd, usb plugin, or firewire plugin visable besides null even though it is in the plugin pack.
If i try and force it to use libZeroGsglr0.18.165 or libZeroGSglr0.95.2 it throws a can not find libZeroGSglr(insert either version)

i am using ubuntu 9.10 64bit on an asus g51j-a1
Well, the most often reason for this -- uninstalled libGLEW or wrong version of libGLEW. Check, that you have this library (32-bit one, important) and correct version are used (number and 32-bit).
I uninstalled and then reinstalled all the glew i could find in package manager and still got this message
"Could Not Load GS Plugin '~/programs/pcsx2/bin/plugins/': cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" I even copied the libGLEW file into the plugin folder and no luck
Look at file /usr/lib/ . Usually it's a symlink to some real library. If there is no this file or it lead to 64-bit version , than you miss a correct libGLEW.
how can I tell where it links too?
and if I do have a 64bit version does that mean that I can not run pcsx2?

I found that i had the 64bit libs so I did a long google search to figure out how to get the 32bit ones and then proceed to put them in my lib32 section.

I would put a warning that pcsx2 requires and in 32bit form in order to work for linux.

It didn't work but after a config delete all is fine

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