Can't download the emulator!!!
Hi everyone! I'm new here...and actually it's my first time in a forum...

...and I would say also I'm pretty ignorant about the world of pcsx and emulator, except things like Mame!so sorry!

My problem is that I've been in the pcsx2-mac.quant0r site and downloaded xquartz and Nvidia cg framework. But the page in which I'm supposed to download pcsx2 is like this:

9‰ŽHêÕó™|Ú­òÉ3–UV¬§ôL'¸vdëÅãô¯/¿ÌôôÓüC²³åüÃ$© “Ä-Ñ=UÛÕ¤ª÷9>N«¥¥Ófd’ÞWXÏIu­6ZeßpÎB°m4SDýmÏg9N2xœ²nWg«æ

So where can I get the emulator?

Thanks for your patience and forgive me if I made mistakes...

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it sounds like your browser tries to interprete the pkg file

try using wget with this link
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