Can't exit PCSX2
Hi all, I've read a few posts here about the same subject, yet none of them helped me with the problem (and its slightly different from the others).

Here's the thing: I'm planning on building an arcade cabinet, so I'm configuring an arcade frontend (HyperSpin).

For all emulators all I have to do is press one button and the emulator closes and I go back to game selection screen, but for some reason I can't do that on PCSX2, I have to press the button 2 times (Esc) and it does not close, it just hides and and get my frontend launcher stuck (so I can't launch other games, even from other emulators) till I finish the process on the Task Manager. If I uncheck that box "hides when paused" the screen just get stuck, Esc doens't close it, I have to use Alt F4... It seens the frontend controls aren't working over the emulator, as those 2 times I press Esc is just the controls of the emulator itself...

Anyway, the modules for every emulator are pretty much the same, so I don't know why the module for PCSX2 does not work, heres the code:

GUI_ID := FadeInStart()

Run, %executable% "%romPath%%romName%%romExtension%" --nogui, %emuPath%,

WinWait, PCSX2
WinWaitActive, PCSX2

GUI_ID2 := FadeInExit()

Process, WaitClose, %executable%

GUI_ID4 := FadeOutExit()

;WinActivate, Hyperspin


    GUI_ID3 := FadeOutStart()
    Winclose, PCSX2

Also tried with this, but didn't work:

    GUI_ID3 := FadeOutStart()
    WinClose, PCSX2 ahk_class wxWindowClassNR

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When using --nogui there is no window named(or his name contains)PCSX2...pcsx2 is the gui which you don't want to appear.

Also there is no such thing as "PCSX2 ahk_class wxWindowClassNR",it's only "ahk_class wxWindowClassNR"
The gui,the GS window and the console share the same class

If you want to wait for the GS window to appear,better use
WinWait,GSdx |

And add somewhere at the beginning of your code

Edit:Actually you don't need SetTitleMatchMode,1...forgot that this is the default mode(keep in mind that when using window title names,the name must be case wrong letter and it will not work)
Oh yeah, I changed the WinWait / Active and now its working Laugh
Thanks vsub!
Good afternoon, I have the same problem as you, you could put the code because I do not get to close the emulator. Thank you.

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