Can't find an exe. file
Huh I know I mustn't be very bright or something, but I'm somewhat new to emulations....

It was going perfectly fine, I downloaded the file, on the website, unzipped the the file using Winrar opened the PCSX2 file, looked at the Q&A, then the readme. My first question is, why do I need a BIOS? (Okay that must sound like a very stupid question.)

Naturally I went online and went to that handy guide, everything seemed to be falling into place,
1) Download the new PCSX2 v0.9.6
did this
2) Open the archive and extract its contents into a folder (eg C:\PCSX2)
did that
3) Run pcsx2.exe which is in the folder you extracted the files.
Okay I can do that!Biggrin
Wait a second...I can't find an exe.file anywhere!
What's wrong!
If someone would shine some light on this! I don't know how happy I would be!

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Short answer you need a BIOS because it's Sony property software that is not legally allowed to be distributed and also it isnt emulated by PCSX2. You'll need a PS2 where to dump it from.

It's probable you got the wrong package, try getting the installer.
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First, get the latest windows beta build here

To expand a bit on what Shadow Lady said about the BIOS, it's basically (in the PS2's case) the operating system for the hardware. Just like you can't run games on your computer without having windows or linux or some other operating system, the PS2 requires it's Basic Input and Output System to be able to run anything.

While it is possible to emulate the BIOS, the emu staff thought it'd be a lot of extra effort and a little on the unnecessary side since the people who want to legally play PS2 games on their PC, likely already own a PS2.
It's also the best way to cover their asses legally Tongue

"See? Everyone who wants to use our emulator legally HAS to have their own PS2 to grab a BIOS!"

If there were any indication that the emulator was developed in a way to no longer require the purchase/ownership of a PS2, Sony would be all over this project and shutting it down.[/quote]
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Oh thank you guys so much!

I really appreciate it! I'm going to go and fix my error right now!

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