Can't get AA to work
Hello there,

I am all new in this PS2 Emulation thing. I hope this topic hasn't occured before. Otherwise accept my apologies and please give me a hint where to find it.

A few days ago I started to play around with this Emulator. I wanted to play one of my all time favorites (DMC3). I went through the setup but whatever I am doing I can't find any setting for Antialiasing. Also the resolution looks somehow not correct, although I set it to 3x internal it still looks .... Very native (my 4 Year old thought I was playing Minecraft ?).  I've chosen gsdx for sse4.1 then dx11 hw. But in the hardware hacks tab there is no option for AA.
So ... I am sure I missed something out... Hope someone can help me with this.

Almost forgot... my system specs: Ryzen 5 2600X, 16GB RAM, GTX 1050 Ti, Windows 10

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I think this is a blur filter from the game itself. Change the half-pixel offset to "Special (Texture- aggressive" you can find this in config, video (gs), plugin settings, enable HW hacks and then advanced settings and hacks. Then also do some skipdraw in there.

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