Can't get PS4 controller working
I'm kind of at my wit's end here. I'm using a Mac and just installed bootcamp to run windows because trying to use PCSX2 natively on a Mac is just too difficult.

Now I have it working, but I can't get the controller functioning.

I downloaded DS4Windows, but when I open the .exe it just says "DS4Windows has stopped working" and won't let me open it.

I've tried the XInput wrapper, but as soon as I pair it with my computer, it just says connection lost. Even when just pairing it normally with bluetooth without trying to use any special wrappers, it only stays paired for a few seconds.

How can I fix this? I spent several hours getting my computer to a point that it can even run PCSX2, and now I can't even get the controller working.

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Just use a USB cable and bind your controls in lilypad
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
No, this doesn't work. I open up the plugin settings for Lillypad and can't set any of the controls using this controller.

It also refuses to stay connected via BLuetooth for longer than 2 seconds.

DS4Windows simply crashes every time I try and open it. I have downloaded multiple older versions and they all crash when I try to open it.

Please can someone help me? I've spent a total of 6 hours now getting everything set up and can't even play a game. Getting very frustrated
I will pay $50 via paypal to anyone who can help me solve my problem via a screenshare or any other method. Every single thing I try to do I hit a roadblock and can't keep wasting my own time on a problem I'm completely unable to solve on my own.
dunno if mac's bluetooth is known to work with DS4windows...
better ask the author instead of trying to get help here...
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