Can't get WideScreen Patches to work?!
Hello guys.

I've been trying to use the WideScreen patches for my games (God of War 1, Ratchet & Clank, Jak and Daxter 1 etc.(I don't like the in-built widescreen mode cutting off my view)). Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The things I've tried without success:

  • "Enable Widescreen Patches" in System is checked
  • in GS Window options 16:9 aspect ratio is checked
  • tried extracting to cheats_ws folder
  • tried downloading WideScreen Patches from the online archive and applying it
  • copied the files one by one for each game
  • copied the files to pcsx2 root directory and the one in My Documents
  • patched my ISO files with Pnach Patcher
  • tried starting a new game by full booting and not loading any savegames or savestates

Nothing works. The game looks the same with these options enabled or not. Restarting the emulator or the games doesn't change anything. Huh

My PCSX2 version is PCSX2 v1.5.0-dev-2501-g1aeec47b3

I checked the console window and it says that the widescreen patches have been found and loaded:
Found Widescreen hacks file: 'D6385328.pnach'
Loaded 130 Widescreen hacks from 'D6385328.pnach' at 'E:\PCSX2\cheats_ws'
Overall 130 Widescreen hacks loaded

I also attached my log.txt with the full code from the console until the game is loaded. 

Is there anything else I can try? Thanks in advance.

Cheers.  Smile

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Can you show us a screenshot of what you're seeing in-game?
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(08-25-2018, 02:10 PM)Ryudo Wrote: Can you show us a screenshot of what you're seeing in-game?

Sure mate, here you go.

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