Can't get a PS3 controller to work
So I've downloaded all the drivers, got Motioninjoy and the latest Lilypad plugin, but whenever I try to use the controller for games, it doesn't respond at all.

I can't figure out why it wont work since my computer detects it fine. The buttons, sticks, and rumble all work. Even when I configure the controller options and set up the buttons in the emulator, they respond just fine when I select "test device"

I save the settings, hit "Apply" and then OK, but it doesn't work. When I go back to the settings all of my options got reverted so I have to load the profile again, but the same thing keeps happening.

I've seen other people with this problem but I couldn't get any help from anyone.

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the location you have placed pcsx2 is write protected or uac protected.
Well I reinstalled it and left it at the default directory. It didn't change anything.

EDIT: I restarted my computer after I disabled the UAC and now it works.


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