Can't get anything to load on idea why
So I've downloaded the 0.9.8 file, installed it, and made my initial setups just like I would in previous versions. Problem is I'm unable to load either 1) My Gran Turismo 4 iso, or 2) Even load the initial PS2 menu w/o a "disc" in the drive. If I try to load the video plugin on the DX11 setting, it just crashes entirely. If I try the DX9 setting I can hear the menu load, but I don't actually see anything on the screen. I don't ever recall having an issue like this on previous versions. My PC is:

- AMD Phenom II x4 965
- 8gb DDR3 RAM
- ATI 6950 2gb
- Win 7 64bit

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Nevermind....fixed. DirectX update.

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