Can't get bluetooth controllers to work at all
So I got PCSX2 up and running just fine, but I can't for the life of me get any of my bluetooth controllers working.. be it my xbone or my ds4, both are connected via the bluetooth card in my PC and works perfectly fine when I run another emulator(retroarch) or any native windows games. Both gets detected in the lilypad plugin and I can see responses to button presses and stick movement when I try to test them.. but they won't show up in the pad1 and pad2 menu .. so I can't actually use them. All I can see is the detached controllers from when I charged them up over USB...
I have tried to use ds4windows which does change my ds4 into a 360 controller in lilypad.. that I still can't see in the pad menus...

Any idea what to try?

And if needed ... I'm on W10

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