Can't get game to work (Frequency).
I'll admit right off the bat I don't entirely get this stuff despite being a pc nerd. Not sure what needs to be posted to help you all out. But I'll try my best.

I got a relatively top of the line computer using Vista (only temporarily really). I downloaded the newest version of Pcsx2. Since its illegal I imagine to talk about ripping and all I won't. I own Frequency but its been to badly scratched to play or rip or whatever it is people do to get them to work with these programs. So obviously I got one from somewhere and put it on a dvd since I don't own CD-Rs anymore.

Well at this point when I start up the program I get a black screen and nothing happens. I see the FPS rate is at about 50 but theres no sound or video. Did I do something wrong? Like I said I am no expert on this stuff and I think I configured it right. Heres a picture of my screen after I activate it:

And heres a picture of my current settings:

Thanks for any help.

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Ripping a game you own is not illegal, getting it from "somewhere" because your disc is broken is.
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Right, getting the game from somewhere else than your own game is illegal and you wont get support here... for all we know it could be this 'somewhere' that's not letting you play at all.
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