Can't get mouse to work during gameplay
I'm using lilypad 0.10.0 and I've mapped all mouse bindings (right analog stick, etc), I switched to windows messaging (I've actually tried all APIs) Mouse API from disable, and I've turned off the other Game Device APIs and nothing seems to work. I've tested the mouse using the Device Diagnostics and it seems to be working perfectly fine but when I enter the game, it completely doesn't work.

I've even done things like checking the "Allow binding multiple Ps2 controls to one PC control" and using the keyboard buttons as Pad1 and using Pad2 as the mouse controls. Still doesn't work.

It's really annoying. I'm trying to play Killzone using mouse and keyboard and the game runs fine but I can't look around cuz my mouse isn't registering for some reason. HELP!

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Try enabling/disabling "Start without mouse focus" "Always hide cursor" and "Monitor when in background"
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I think you want something like the AWSD + mouse feeling like on PC games. If yours is a multi-buttons mouse you can bind a few of them to emulate the joypad buttons. As far as I know the game will not follow the mouse sliding as it would do with a real mouse interface.

In the end, the console games interfaces are designed to fit the joypad concept (and is a pain to play such games ported to PC, like The Last Revenant, it just doesn't feel right). What I mean is, if even in a game ported to PC the thing is bad, it is probably worse with the original game. Better sticking with the two sticks analog gamepads or having a multi-buttons mouse (a good example is the old A4Tech X-755FS or the programmable XL-750BK).
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Ya I got a MX518 mouse which is also programmable but when I load a game on PCSX2 it decides it doesn't want to work for it. Even the buttons don't work. Which isn't making a whole lot of sense to me why nothing works and I've done pretty much all I can think of. I even updated the drivers for the mouse too.

And ya I know that it's not gonna be the same but it's just cool to know that I CAN lol

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