Can't get shaders to work
I feel like I'm going mad and that this should be so simple, but I've tried for about an hour now and can't get any shaders to work. I've googled and can't find any threads or guides for this that actually break down exactly what you need to do. What I've been doing is:

1: Adding the shader.fx file to "shaders" folder in the PCSX2 directory
2: Opening PCSX2, going to the shaders section of GSdx and clicking "enable external shader", then finding shader.fx
3: Selecting GSdx_FX_Settings as the config file, because none of the shaders I download come with a config file

When I run the game, no shader has been added. When I press the Home button the log says "GSdx: External post-processing is now enabled", but all that happens is there's a very slight change in brightness. I don't know why that's happening. I also don't really understand the GSdx shader and settings file - I did try changing the settings in the file and again, nothing happened when I ran the game and tried to use the shader. I'd be grateful if someone could just post a clear, full guide to making any shader work correctly

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If it is changing the brightness it is working, by default though alot options are disabled, you have manual edit the gsdx_fx_settings to your liking

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