Can't go higher than 120 % speed on v1.7.3131
Hi, lurker's first time posting here. 

I've been using the regular 1.6.0 release with no troubles at up to 500 % fast forward speed in basically every game I play. Today I swapped to the nightly release for the first time ever, because I wanted to the play the OG Splinter Cell and it has sound popping issues on 1.6.0 that the nightly release fixes. However every single game I try can only go as high as 120 % speed on the nightly release, no matter what settings I input. 

I am not super technical or informed when it comes to most of the stuff in the background of the emulation so instead of losing my mind trying to figure it out myself I was hoping you guys could help me. Not sure what info you guys would need, or how to find it necessarily but please let me know.

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Have you got Vsync (sync to host) enabled in PCSX2? and is your maximum refresh rate on your monitor like 72 or 75hz? cos that would explain it.
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Sync to host is not enabled, but my monitor IS 72hz.

Now that you reminded me of this however, I will go into my nvidia settings and find that it forced a vsync and that'll be why.

YUP. Sure enough. Nvidia control panels desire to force every program to run vsync was the issue. Thank you very much for the reminder. I am pretty sure I had to do this for Retroarch as well. It's running at 500 % speed now, so all is well. Thank you!

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