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Can't install DXWebSetup.EXE (Required by GS->DX11(Hardware))
Ok So I have an nVidia GTX 570 Fermi 1250MB (by MSI, Frozr III OC)

It's a bomb graphics card, thus I assume select DirectX 11 Hardware, actually - it doesn't matter what I select under GSD 10 (GS Plugin). When I click Next-> it says "You need to download and install some DirectX plugins from Microsoft" so it takes me to, I download dxwebsetup.exe and the setup / installation fails for some unknown reason.

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did you try the redist instead of the web installer ?
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you need the latest windows installer, and likely visualc2008/2010 runtimes.
Try installing the redistributable instead of the web setup:
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So you have windows 7 right.

Try re-downloading the DirectX Runtimes/ Redistributables etc. and click RUN as ADMINISTRATOR.

Or if you have any windows games(Civilization V), try loading the DirectX from there.

don't you get any error while the setup runs.
Thanks will do

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