Can't install DXWebSetup.EXE (Required by GS->DX11(Hardware))
Ok So I have an nVidia GTX 570 Fermi 1250MB (by MSI, Frozr III OC)

It's a bomb graphics card, thus I assume select DirectX 11 Hardware, actually - it doesn't matter what I select under GSD 10 (GS Plugin). When I click Next-> it says "You need to download and install some DirectX plugins from Microsoft" so it takes me to, I download dxwebsetup.exe and the setup / installation fails for some unknown reason.

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did you try the redist instead of the web installer ?
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you need the latest windows installer, and likely visualc2008/2010 runtimes.
Try installing the redistributable instead of the web setup:
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So you have windows 7 right.

Try re-downloading the DirectX Runtimes/ Redistributables etc. and click RUN as ADMINISTRATOR.

Or if you have any windows games(Civilization V), try loading the DirectX from there.

don't you get any error while the setup runs.
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Thanks will do

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