Can't launch with mac OS X 10.7.2 (lion)

I get the pcsx2 for mac and I follow the guide to install it (
I no install xQuartz.

Here is the debug :

(Shift +) F2 - cycle states
F3 - load state
PCSX2 beta (r2620254) - compiled on Jan 27 2011
Savestate version: 8b410001
EE pc offset: 0x2a8, IOP pc offset: 0x208
Loading plugins...
Loading GS...
Loading PAD1...
Loading PAD2...
Loading SPU2...
Loading CDVD...
Loading DEV9...
Loading USB...
Loading FW...
Plugins loaded successfully.
Initializing plugins...
Plugins initialized successfully.
* CDVD Disk Open: DVD, Single layer or unknown:
* * Track 1: Data (Mode 1) (2245200 sectors)
Bios Version 16777215.255
Bios Warning > rom1 not found.
Bios Warning > rom2 not found.
Bios Warning > erom not found.
Framelimiter rate updated (UpdateVSyncRate): 59.94 fps
Opening Plugins...
Notice: GS Plugin does not implement GSsetFrameLimit.
MTGS > Thread Started, Opening GS Plugin...
ZZogl: Using ZZ Ogl :0.21.213
ZZogl: creating zerogs
ZZogl: Got Doublebuffered Visual!
ZZogl: glX-Version 1.4
Xlib: extension "XFree86-VidModeExtension" missing on display "/tmp/launch-Ns2rC0/org.x:0".
ZZogl: Depth 24
ZZogl: you have Direct Rendering!
ZZogl: Using multitexturing
ZZogl: Maximun texture size is 16384 for Tex_2d and 16384 for Tex_NV
Plugins opened successfully.
loadElfCRC: cdrom0:\SCES_504.90;1
loadElfFile: 4731160 bytes
loadElfFile: cdrom0:\SCES_504.90;1; CRC = A39517AB
XML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach...
No patch found.Resuming execution without a patch (this is NOT an error).
ZZogl: Disabling MRT depth writing
Issuing EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset [mem/structure cleanup]
ZZogl: Disabling MRT depth writing
ZZogl: Fill bilinear blocks failed!
ZZogl: Creating effects
vtlb/mmap: Block Tracking reset...
iR3000A Resetting recompiler memory and structures
* PCSX2 *: ExecuteBios
ZZogl: Creating extra effects
Offset 0xea000000 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting. line 2: 1684 Bus error: 10 ./pcsx2

As I write in the thread title, I'm on Lion Os X 10.7.2.

What do I do ?


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you do not have a bios properly installed.
see this thread on how to dump
bios is universal mac/windows/linux doesn't matter
13" 2010 Mac Book Pro - Snow Leopard 10.6.7 - Pcsx2 Version: 0.9.6 (and praying on 0.9.7 to release)
2.4Ghz Intel Duo Core | NVIDIA 320M (256mb) | 4 Gigs 1067mhz DDR3 Ram

Euh... thanks but I haven't a PS2 ...
Where Can I find a bios ?
You must own a PS2 to get the BIOS legally and we will not support people here with piracy as said in our forum rules.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
(12-07-2011, 01:15 PM)mubbsy Wrote: you do not have a bios properly installed.
see this thread on how to dump
bios is universal mac/windows/linux doesn't matter

That's helpful, but it seems really oriented to Windows users. Is there a Mac version? I'm not enough of a computer person to be able to translate terminal commands.

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