Can't load my save for PS2
I was wandering why I can't load my R&C 2 save. I'll upload the card if you would like to check for any problems. It says that there is no data on the card when there clearly is. I've checked many times on MyMc. I haven't had any problems like this before. I need help please respond.

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Is the save the same region as your ISO?
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(08-24-2014, 01:05 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: Is the save the same region as your ISO?
Yes, it is my own save that was made by my game.
Upload the card and if you want the save too
Might be 5 mins for upload
Archive the card and upload it here(it becomes much smaller when archived)

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There is duplicate file inside the save with weird name.
Try this card but load the save directly,not first loading a save state and then the card(your card may work too if you try to do that...some games don't immediately detect the card when you load a state and that state is create while using different card)

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Could you send me the weird duplicate file just wanna have a look.Glare
It's in your card(not the one I uploaded),just export the save with mymc and open the save with PS2 Save Builder.

It's the file that contains the name of the save,and the settings how to show the icon in the PS2 Browser(you have a working file inside and another duplicate of it with almost the same name)

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