Can't load save file! Help! :(
Hi, I've been playing FFX and now I can't load my save file! It sucks because I put so much time into it.

In the logs it says:
Unexpected end of file or stream.
Path: C:\Users\Brandon\Desktop\PS2 Emu\sstates\SCES-50490 (A39517AB).00.p2s
(pxActionEvent) (VM_UnzipFromDisk)

Can anyone help? It would suck if I lost everything I did...

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Dont ever save using only save states, they are notoriously unstable. Unless you have made a "real" save or use the backup states feature, you might have lost everything you played.
CPU: C2D E8400 @ 3.6
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So what is this "real" save you speak? Im quite new to PCSX2.
(06-12-2011, 02:54 AM)ffplayervii Wrote: So what is this "real" save you speak? Im quite new to PCSX2.

a save point in game, u know that little thing that say dont remove ur memory card or shutdown ur ps2 while saving, something like that...
about the save points, like GG say they're evil >_<
Oh, I didn't know if they actually worked. I just realized PCXS2 had memcards. I is nub. =] Thanks.
So how does one get his memory card working? I've done a "real" save but when I load it from the main menu it says Memory Card not found. I have the memory cards in the memcards folder for pcsx2, and I'm in the Memory Card Manager but what do I do for the game to recognize it?

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