Can't make a certain game run with pcsx2
The problem is, whenever I try to run Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (PS 2 version, which is more complex than the PC one) on PCSX2, I only get past the Playstation logo and then, when the game tries to locate the memory card, the emulator crashes. Any ideas?

There, no more YouTube video, even though that could have been of help to someone who ACTUALLY wants to help people. I don't know about you, but I don't think what I said in a YouTube comment matters on this forum. I mean, it's stupid. There is NO RULE stating that I can't leave whatever I want in YouTube comments without worrying that some admin from the PCSX2 forum will warn me. It's like me swearing on another forum and getting banned from this forum because I swore there. Also, how the f..k am I supposed to run the emulator if not by ahem getting a bios. Don't tell me that every user that emulates games with pcsx2 has an original Playstation 2 bios 'cause I won't believe that in ages!

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believe whatever you want.
That said, admitting bios piracy won't lead you anywhere on this forum.
Same if you admit it here or anywhere else. Since you linked the faulty comment here.

Closed again
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