Can't run any game or FMV cutscenes with Software mode
Hello there, this issue has been annoying me for a good chunk of time. As mentioned in the title, I can't play FMV cutscenes in software mode or use Software mode in game, menus sometimes lag when I use that mode. It doesn't matter if I use OpenGl, or any DirectX and I swear that I didn't have a problem like this before. It makes the emulator go from 60FPS speed to 30 or 20.
PC Specs:
Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB VRAM
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
CPU AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core processor 4.00GHz

I use pcsx2-v1.5.0-dev-2267.

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Software mode is very cpu demanding and your cpu is not really strong enough to run PCSX2 at full speed in most games even with hardware accelerated backends like OpenGL or DirectX. If a game requires software mode in FMVs or to fix something in game odds are you are going to get this kind of performance. You might be able to handle some games with either the hardware directX or OpenGL backends though.

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