Can't run anything with constant good fps :(
I've been on and off with pcsx2 over the past 2 years, always coming back to see if I can run some games like Shadow Hearts, Star ocean 3, dot hack GU, and persona 4. But never could get the right settings or something. Now I have upgraded my computer to the following:
Radeon HD6970 2gb
AMD Phenom II 1100T black edition 3.3ghz six core
with 4gb ram

and still cant seem to be able to have games be playable they dip constantly to 20fps and such and its just horrible to hear the audio as well. Yet a friend of mine who uses the same versions I have tried of pcsx2 is running them at about 60 fps fine except for crowd heavy areas. This brought tears to my eyes and my wallet. Might someone be my savior? Pl0x?

These include 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 and 0.9.8

I do recall playing both kingdom hearts 1 and 2 perfectly in the past though. beating both with pretty good frames through the entire game.

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If on windows 7 (or vista), avoid installing in the default C:\Program Files (x86). It's known to bring serious problems to many games (mainly the moddable games and/or which make use of plugins). On PCSX2 one common issue installing in such folder is not being able to save the configuration files.

PCSX2 can't at the moment use all the available cores and the graphics demand is relatively low compared with native PC games, the heavy load falls on the CPU and some most demanding games will need speedhacks to run stable and near the correct FPS. the newer PCSX2 has nice presets you should try; they are accessed from the "emulation settings".

The reported FPS is too slow and tell the problem may be more serious and probably outside the PCSX2 tweak itself, needing a general revision in the machine configuration... but is too soon to assume this, let's try the above suggestions first. The sound problem is related to such low FPS and you must not try fixing it before fixing the FPS issue.

PS: Just occurred to me than, given the power of your video card you could be "abusing" the internal resolution... although the same set could not be a problem at all in native PC games and your video card would take it for breakfast... in emulation a reasonable toll is putted on the CPU too, what may get the performance down.
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Alright thank you for your quick reply, ill try the different folder
Alright I've tried that and get the same result, I'm using speedhacks with EE cyclerate on 2 and vu cycle stealing on 2 along with the mVU flag hack, enabled INTC spin detection and enable wait loop detection, not seeing much of a difference, my gsdx 4600 plugin is using the direct 3d11 hardware renderer and ive tried software but get the same result. not sure what to do here.

This is being tested on Shadow Hearts which my friend with a pc quite a few steps lower could run fine, when I arrive at the opening cutscene or even the starting Midway company symbol, it dips to 25-27fps quickly. I've tried battling ingame about 30fps is the result.
PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What do the EE/GS% numbers in the game window say when you get slowdowns?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
my plugins are the following:
GS: Gsdx 4600 (MSVC 15.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx-sse2-r4600]
PAD: LilyPad svn (r4510) 0.10.0 [lilypad-r-4600]
SPU2: SPU2-X r4600m 1.4.0 [spu2-x-r4600]
CDVD: Linuz Iso CDVD 0.9.0 [cdvdiso-r4600]
USB: USBnull Driver 0.7.0 [USBnull]
FW: FWnull Driver 0.7.0 [FWnull]
DEV9: DEV9null Driver 0.5.0 [DEV9null]

my GS settings are :
Renderer: Direct3D11 (Hardware)
Interlacing: None
Custom resolution 1920x1080 and sometimes i just do native
Texture filtering has a blue box

My SPU2 settings are:
Catmull-Rom (Ps2-like/slow) for interpolation yet ive tried all of the options such as linear and cubic.
Module: Xaudio2 (Recommended)
Synchronizing mode: Timestretch(Recommended)
Audio expansion mode: Stereo
I have 1X normal reverb volume

As for emulation settings my EE/IOP is the default with recompilers and chop/zero for round mode and normal for clampingm ode

My VUs is using microVU Recompiler for both VU0 and VU1 and I have chop zero and normal for clamping

GS is all default with frameskipping disabled

GS window is untouched at 4:3 standard aspect ratio and 640x480 custom window size, ive also tried this at fullscreen, same result.

Ive used all combinations of speed hacks, literally every combo.

Game fixes are off, I did try the persona game fix for VU clig flag hack once and enabled the supervu recompilers but didnt help any for persona 4

testing with games:

.//hack infection part 1: 22fps right off the bat with just the logos appearing EE99-100% and GS 6 to 7%, 17 fps during opening cutscene

Shadow hearts: Right off the bat with the midway logo introduction I get 25 fps with 98-100% EE and 3-4 then 7-9% GS

When seeing intros played like this, I don't even bother to enter the game, it's the same way.
Interesting, you say it's the same with all 0.9.6, 0.9.7 and 0.9.8 with default settings?

What does the task manager say before and while you run the emulator?
Have you tried watching the clock speeds and temperature of your CPU while running it? an app like CoreTemp could help with that.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Before :
task manager says 0-3% cpu usage, usually 0 or 1
memory is at 1.72 gb

Physical memory (MB):
Total 4095
Cached 1522
Available 2331
Free 854

Kernel Memory (MB):
Paged 361
Nonpaged 62

Handles 22668
Threads 862
Processes 60
Commit (MB) 2215/8188

Core Temp readings:

out of my six cores only the second and last has 8 to 9% load, most of the time its actually 2% load rest are 0-1% cpu is 31 celcius low and 35 celcius high all cores have 803.65 mhz at most times

During Emulation:

cpu usage goes to 22-24% on task manager
memory at 1.90gb

Physical memory (MB):
Total 4095
Cached 1516
Available 2223
Free 752

Kernel Memory (MB):
361 Paged
63 Nonpaged

Handles 24006
threads: 911
Processes: 63
Commit (MB) 2504/8188

Core Temp readings:
all six cores capable of jumping from 6% to 82% loads and such, but never at the same time, seems to be taking turns. Cant post a good reading its pretty random here.

temperatures are the same for cpu
and yes it is the same no matter what pcsx2 version it is
sorry bout all this Sad
As I thought first, there is something deeply wrong with your machine, with those settings you should be getting steady 60FPS or near it in most games. Whatever is happening is not on PCSX2 side, I have an AMD 965 only a bit quicker (corewise) than yours and a worsen video card and like your friend I can play most games with easy.

The "Event Viewer", accessed from the Windows Control Panel -> Administrative tools -> Event viewer -> Windows Logs -> System

may give you a hint about what may be wrong and is worthy verification. Look for eventual entries tagged as Error or Critical... they will have an identifier you can search on the web for their meaning and possible solutions.
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